Marriage & Family Ministry

The marriage and family ministry at Westgate takes many forms.  There are informal gatherings for couples and families throughout the year hosted by individual members as well as specific ministries that allow for couples and families to interact for the purpose of making family time special and intentional.

Westgate also seeks to be intentional in creating healthy families and assisting hurting families.  To that end we have two professionally licensed counselors on our staff, Eric Greer and Krista Smith.  Here are some things that this ministry offers to our members and community.

  • Pre-marital counseling - It is a policy at Westgate that all individuals seeking to marry and wishing to use our sanctuary must complete pre-marital counseling (a minimum of 4 sessions).  We would highly recommend that individuals utilize the services provided by Eric Greer for this though we do not require this.  Eric is a facilitator for the Prepare-Enrich Program which is scientifically validated to improve couples' communication and predict marital success.  This ministry is offered to all individuals at Westgate without cost.
  • Individual, Family, and Couples' Counseling - The counseling ministry at Westgate offers professional services to our members at no charge.  Krista also provides individual and couples' counseling to people in the Wiregrass community.  Visit the Intimacy Matters website for more information about areas in which we specialize.
  • Group Counseling - The Westgate counseling ministry has a strong interest in helping individuals and couples work through the pain of infidelity and pornography use.  To that end we offer a recovery group for men who have been involved with infidelity or pornography as well as a recovery group for spouses who are working through the grief and betrayal issues related to this behavior.  The groups are open (with pre-screening) to anyone in the Wiregrass area.  Contact the counseling ministry through their This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone at (334) 793-2280 to get more information.
  • Enrichment & Intensive Weekends - The counseling ministry also provides enrichment services like marriage retreats or special classes on an as needed basis to Westgate church and the Christian community.  In addition to this, we provide weekend intensives.  Intensives are specifically designed therapeutic weekends for individuals and couples that are offered on an as needed basis through the ministry of Intimcay Matters.