Theology Nerds Book Club

Logo TheologyNerdsWhat does the Bible tell us about life today? How can it help us relate better to the culture around us? How can we find – and show – Jesus in every area of our lives?

The Theology Nerds Book Club is for those looking to delve deeper into these questions and so many more. If you happen to miss one of our monthly meetings, make sure to click the link below to catch up on what you missed.

And remember the immortal words of G.K. Chesterton: "Theology is simply that part of religion that requires brains."


July 14: Meeting Video

July 14: Materials

Aug 11: Meeting Video

Aug 11: Materials

Aug 11: James Harding on the New Earth

EMBRACING CREATION (J.M. Hicks/B. Valentine/M. Wilson)

Oct 13: Meeting Video



The Screwtape Letters (Full-text, Original Version)

Dec 8 Material (Letters 1-10, Contemporary English Version)

Jan 12 (Letters 11-20, Contemporary American English Version)

Feb 9 Material (Letters 20-31)

For the Life of the World Alexander Schmemann (Full-Text)