Bible Study Resources

College Press Commentaries

All of the commentaries below are available from College Press for free to download for your personal use.  College Press is associated with the Restoration Movement. Each file is very large and may take a while to download even with a high speed connection.

Old Testament
New Testament
Genesis Vol. 1
Matthew Vol. 1
Genesis Vol. 2
Matthew Vol. 2
Genesis Vol. 3
Matthew Vol. 3
Genesis Vol. 4
Matthew Vol. 4
Luke - Applebury
Luke - Butler
John Vol. 1
Joshua, Judges, Ruth
John Vol. 2
I & II Samuel
I & II Chronicles
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
I & II Corinthians - Applebury
Psalm Vol. 1
I Corinthians - Butler
Psalm Vol. 2
II Corinthians - Butler
Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon
Isaiah Vol. 1
Philippians, Colossians, Philemon
Isaiah Vol. 2
I & II Thessolonians
Isaiah Vol. 3 Timothy, Titus
Minor Prophets Vol. 1
James, Jude
Minor Prophets Vol. 2
I & II Peter
I, II, & III John
Revelation - Tomlinson
Revelation - Strauss

Other Commentaries

Dr. Burton Coffman - Dr. Coffman was the long time preacher for the Manhattan Church of Christ.  He is the only member of Churches of Christ to have completed the considerably difficult work of writing a commentary on every book in the Bible.  His works are made available through ACU press. 

Dr. Thomas L. Constable's Notes - are collected on his website.  Constable is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary which is a conservative evangelical institution.  His works were completed in the 20th century and are more up to date.  The site allows downloads of all books and has added a download format for mobile phones as well.

The Sword Project - The Sword Project is an open source model that has developed software for multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc...).  They provide free software (it is a safe software to download) and then users can download multiple Bible study materials that are available for free in the public domain.  There are several commentaries available in English and other languages including (Barnes Notes, Adam Clarke's Commentaries, and others).  There are also many other good resources available including:  Bible Dictionaries, Devotionals, and General Interest Books.

 New Testament Studies

New Testament Introduction - This site contains the full text of a book by Richard Heard, a New Testament scholar who taught at Cambridge.  It provides some useful background information on questions like how the New Testament books were collected, their reliability, and introductions to each book of the New Testament from Dr. Heard's perspective. 

Synoptic Problem Website - This site is dedicated to the study of the relationship between the first three Gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  These Gospels are sometimes called the synoptics because they share many of the same stories.  This site is a sort of clearing house that investigates the many theories about how these Gospels came to be written.

The Paul Page - This is a website dedicated to exploring recent trends in Pauline studies.  There are many articles, web links, and discussions linked from this page.

The NT Canon -This is an excellent site with pages of material dedicated to informing the reader on how the New Testament scriptures came to us in their current form.

Greek - Ever wondered about all that Greek stuff your preacher talks about?  If you are really interested, this site provides a complete 31 lesson introduction to Elementary Greek.

Old Testament Studies

OT Gateway - This is a comprehensive site of resources related to the study of the Old Testament scriptures. 


You Version - is available for your personal computer or mobile application.  You can personalize your own account, make bookmarks, highlight text, write your own notes, and read from many translations and over 100 languages.  Many of the Bible translations can be downloaded to your mobile phone for offline use.  There are also Bible reading plans and a social community with which you may interact.

Bible Gateway - another terrific online Bible with multiple version and translations available.  Bible Gateway has devotionals and reading plans as well. 


Color maps in small or large format of Palestine in the time of Christ, Paul's Missionary Journey, etc...

Collection of 17 maps related to 1st century Israel.

Maps related to the life of Paul.

Restoration Movement  

Restoration Movement Pages - is a website with historical texts by Restoration Movement preachers like Alexander Campbell, Barton Stone, and many others.  It also includes photos and texts of Restoration Movement related journals.

Stone-Campbell Journal - is a scholarly journal published online for students, scholars, and ministers interested in the historic movement begun by Alexander Campbell and Barton W. Stone.

Alexander Campbell's Creed

The Christian System - click here to download a book by Alexander Campbell.  It was his attempt to lay out many of his beliefs in a single volume.  Anyone associated or interested in the Restoration Movement in America will find this book an important read.  It shows why many in Christian Churches / Churches of Christ feel as they do about written creeds, inspiration, structure and nature of the church, and the Holy Spirit.

Freedom's Ring - is a website containing the writings of Cecil Hook

Does God Exist - is a website by John Clayton, a former atheist who is now a devoted disciple of Jesus.

Wineskins - is an online magazine discussing current issues in Churches of Christ.

Other Study Aids

The Bible Tutor - this site was developed by the Luther Seminary.  It is a very basic resource on dates, Biblical people, background information on books of the Bible, places, and other general information.

Bible Vocabulary -  this site provides an alphabetical listing of Bible words and their definition from "angel" to "YAHWEH".  It also includes a short biography of several individual Bible scholars in history.

Dictionary of People, Places, Plants & Animals of the Bible

Blogs & Interesting Website Resources

Dr. Carlus Gupton - is a great resource on church growth and leadership.  He is an adjunct professor for Harding School of Theology and also at Johnson University.

Patrick Mead -preaches in Colorado Springs and is a frequent guest speaker at conferences around the country.  He writes a regular blog called Tentpegs that has a wide readership and is very thought provoking.  Patrick has been a guest at Westgate at our last Youth For Christ event.  

Brett Harrison - grew up at Westgate and is part of a mission team in Tanzania.  He regularly posts on his blog, Aliens and Strangers.  He has some good theological thoughts, funny stories, and a lot of cross cultural insight. 

Eric Greer - is a former minister at Westgate.  He and his family moved to Massachusetts to plant a church in the Plymouth area which is on the coast 40 miles south of Boston.  He blogs about their experiences at Missional Greers.