Right Place; Right Time

At Westgate we seek to be a place where all can call home. We are a family.  Many were born here and many more were born again here and we celebrate that together as we grow along in Christ.  Today, we truly believe that God has called each of us at the Right Place; the Right Time; and Right Now to make a bold move in improving the facilities that we currently enjoy.  Our existing facility has served us well for many years but because God has entrusted us with many new souls numerically we require additional space to faciliate that growth.

So far this has been our experience in this process:

  1. Over the last several years we have heard from many among our church family about pressing needs that have gone unmet due to inadequate facilities.
  2. The wisdom of our shepherds was to seek out these voices and other interested members in our church family to formally examine our facilities needs.
  3. It was the wisdom of this committee formed by our shepherds that we should investigate the feasiblity of constructing additional facilities.
  4. We enlisted the services of the architectural firm of Corley, Timothy, McSweeny & McCormac in Birmingham, AL to help us develop a Master Plan for our future needs. 
  5. Though every step of this process had been bathed in prayer, we began a very formal time of prayer as a congregation.  We asked every member of our church to be in prayer about this matter and then to respond to a questionaire that solicited specific information.
  6. Only God could have crafted what happened next.  When the many questionaires were returned by our church family, it was as though all respondants spoke as one.
  7. The responses on the surveys time and again indicated the needs of our church family and even prioritized them.
  8. With the assistance of Gary and Nathan Ealy of the Generis Group we began the process of raising the necessary capital to begin the project starting with First Fruits Sunday in May 2011. 
  9. In January 2012, with over $1,000,000 in the bank and ahead of our pledged giving schedule, Westgate broke ground on the new children's wing.

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