SteveG2 copySteve is married to Teresa. Together, Steve and Teresa have six grandchildren. He has been a member at Westgate since 2000. He is a graduate of the Harding School of Biblical Studies (Lamba class 1986) and has a B.A. from Harding in Bible and Religion (1988). Steve and Teresa enjoy serving and helping others who are in need. They enjoy spur-of-the-moment trips and adventures and sharing their home and lives with their brothers and sisters in Christ, especially those they have grown close to through the Life Group ministry at Westgate.


Steve is currently employed as an Intake Placement Specialist with Big Bend Community Based Care. This is challenging and fulfilling, as it involves helping children and families who are involved in the child welfare system in the Panhandle of Florida. As a member of Westgate, he has served on the Mission Committee and traveled to Ghana to visit the Swedru International Bible School to participate in a graduation ceremony. He also visited Nicaragua as a part of a Westgate-sponsored trip to Mision para Cristo, which is one of the works Westgate helps support.

Steve enjoys teaching bible class and sharing his life and faith with others. He is grateful for the grace and mercy that our God has shown him. One of his favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. His prayer for all is that we may all fix our eyes on the unseen eternal things and not be distracted by the temporal, visible things that will one day pass away. One other thing that he would have you know is that the empty tomb of Jesus changes everything about how we should view others and what it says about how truly committed God is to restore what was lost in the Garden.