Meet Our Shepherds

At the Westgate Church of Christ we recognize that we are all on a spiritual journey, one in which the highest goal is to encounter God. We recognize that this goal is best achieved within a loving community, a community that is willing to share their lives together. This means that we want those attending to not only feel welcomed, we want them to know that they are loved by God and the people of Westgate. It also means that we want to be open to each other's joys and pain. Finally, it means that we will be part of an ongoing conversation with each other and with the Scripture.

As a church, we are committed to loving the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength. We are also committed to fulfilling the mission that Jesus Christ has given His church - that of making disciples of every nation.

In order to assist our families in their spiritual growth, our shepherds have divided all of the households within our church into eight groups - one for each shepherd. Each week our shepherds meet to pray specifically for you. They also work to keep up with the families in their respective groups attending to their spritual needs.  The shepherd that prays for your family will be in touch from time to time to let you know that you are on their prayer list. If you don't know which group you are in you can expect contact from your shepherd soon to let you know or you can email the office.

Click on a Shepherd's name to view their profile:

Mike Murphree       
Wayne Pierce               
Joe Clements           
Monte Baugh
Steve Girton

Terry Pierce